Friday, November 15, 2013

solicitation purr

Wow, today arrived much more quickly than I wanted and I'm already stressed. It's Friday though! I just have to get through the day productively!

Loki tends to purr VERY LOUDLY when he is trying to make me get up in the morning. Cro told me that is a solicitation purr. I'd not heard of such a thing but yes, he only purrs like that when he is trying to convince me to do something I don't want to do or when he is doing something that he knows isn't allowed.

My Meals Today [total 21carbs]:
- Carbmaster yogurt [4carbs] with Lecithin [1carb] sprinkled on top
- chicken breast and roasted cauliflower [5carbs]
- spicy pork rinds with cream cheese [4carb]
- 2 cinnamon flax muffins [2carbs]
- Dreamfield rotini [5carbs] 


  1. I used to have kitties before I realized I was allergic. I had one that was a Manx that looked a lot like Loki. His purr was lovely and very soothing.

  2. Wishing you a lovely week, Miss Oct!

  3. Are Manx kitties the ones without tales? So cute. Although you are allergic to kitties I know your Buster makes up for the lack of purring. :)


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