Wednesday, November 6, 2013

spooky movie fun

I just (moments ago) got back from seeing Matt. We went to see the remake of Carrie to celebrate my birthday. We both thought it was very good. Matt also gave me birthday gifts to open. :D Two Sookie Stackhouse books (Dead Ever After and the Companion) and The Walking Dead board game. Very cool.

Cro isn't home from work yet and it's 8:20pm. That isn't anything unusual. He works such long hours!

My day started off with lots of freelance client work. Edits to banner ads, planning and communications regarding the new little website, and communications from the small agency client regarding the cross-media campaign.

Meals Today:
- yogurt with Lecithin sprinkled on
- 2 Russel Stover sugar free candies at the theater
- dunno what to have for dinner. Maybe another Carbsmart yogurt

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