Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday catch up

Cro is back to work today. Although it was wonderful to have him home for the last few days, I worked as usual since I'm under so many deadlines (that's a good thing though!). He spent most of his vacation time relaxing and getting a few projects done at the house.

American Horror Story is tonight. Hurray!

Here's a pic that Cro took of Loki yesterday. That kitten is over 8 pounds already.

And below is a pic of the projects that Cro created yesterday in expectation of a craft fair his work was having today. He turned the wooden bowl on his lathe and forged the mokume gane metal disks. It turns out that he was the only person who brought something. :P

My Meals Today [total 25carbs]:
- Carbmaster yogurt [4carbs] with Lecithin [1carb] sprinkled on top
- sausage meatballs [10carbs]
- Dreamfield rotini [10carbs] 


  1. Wow, you sure do have a talented man on your hands! He doesn't let any grass grow under his feet.

  2. I'll let him know you said so!


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