Thursday, November 7, 2013

You and Hannah are now friends.

Today should be Friday! I guess I can pretend that Friday this week is 2 days long but what does that accomplish?

I was just now notified that a friend request that I sent was accepted and it made me think of that new ad (unsuccessful because even though I like the ad, which is a rare thing, I have no idea who the marketing is for.) Anyway, it made me think of the look he gets when he says "Greg has sent to a friend request". Priceless.

 I guess I'll type in a few words into youtube and it will reveal all. :) Love Google search, love youtube, not so sure about Siri yet… s/he seems rather dense sometimes.

"Siri, when is the film festival?"
"*bedeep* I don't know what that means. If you like I can search for "We messed up some festival"

Okay, maybe I just don't speak clearly sometimes. :P

I estimated a new project for one of my clients and worked on the new small website. Ticket sales for the Iny LGBT film fest end tomorrow, so if you are going there isn't much time left. Matt has been designing the film fest program for nine years. I can't even remember how many years I have been doing the website. Not nine though!

Meals Today:
- Carbmaster yogurt with lecithin on top (I'm hoping the lecithin will work miracles on my MS
- 3 Russel Stover sugar free candies left over from the movie last night
- cauliflower! yum! roasted in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt, pepper and cajun spices
- probably Dreamfield's rotini or more cauliflower


  1. I also love the "friend request" commercial. Serious "Shakespearean" actors doing such a funny bit. However...I never thought to even wonder what the commercial was actually for!

  2. It's an ad that I could watch over and over. :)


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