Thursday, December 5, 2013

carby cheatness… NOT

Wow… I'm coming up for air after two days of work overload. I don't remember if I mentioned it Tuesday but I have a new retainer client. A year of reoccurring monthly work. Yay! That makes 3 retainers if you count the Texas home builders as two separate companies. It is and it is two separate websites but the owner of one company is a partner in the second one.

Boring work talk but that's pretty much 90% of my awake time.

American Horror Story was last night and brilliant as always. I'm going to miss The Walking Dead this coming Sunday since it is now on mid-season break. Its mid-season finale did feel like the end of an era and beginning of a new (and even more scary) one.

Last night I was deeply into a dream when the alarm clock woke me up. It was so vivid that I remember the last few things I was dreaming very clearly. I was reading a letter of memoirs from an ancestor named Emilija Oui. Oddly Emilija was a female with a male name and I remember thinking that her last name was French (I don't have French ancestors to my knowledge… just Scots and Germans). She was writing about how wonderfully talented and interesting each of the members of her family was. I got to about halfway through the first paragraph of the letter when the alarm woke me. It was a very old letter that I found in a hope chest. I think Emilija was in her 80's when she wrote the letter and that she was at least 5 generations back. And no, there is no Emilija grandmother in my family history that I know of.

For some reason I was very sad in the dream because I had eaten something carby. :( When I woke up I was actually quite happy to realize I hadn't eaten carby cheatness and that it was only a dream. lol

Meals today:
- turkey with gravy and a spoon of green bean casserole (no toppings)
- a handful of peanuts
- 2 eggs
- spicy pork rinds with half a TBSP cream cheese

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  1. I love it when I realize it was just a dream.... the cheating, that is. *hug* Congrats on the client!!! *high five!*


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