Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas train

Oh today, today, what did I do today that is worth talking about? Other than work, not much. I spent most of the day working on e-news projects as well as home builder stuff and one little thing for my small agency client.

I have a few gifts stacked up to wrap tomorrow. I made sausage and cheese meatballs with intention of taking it to mom's for Christmas dinner but I think they are going to stay here and serve as low-carb meals for me (yeah, I overdid the heat and they are a bit over-done). I have a few sweet potatoes that I plan to make a low glycemic side dish from tomorrow and if that doesn't turn out over-done it will make the trip to mom's with us.

My fifth-grade teacher, family friend and neighbor passed away over the weekend. I haven't seen her in years but she was a very solid fixture in my life when I was growing up. When I look at an old photo I have of her with teenage me it nearly brings tears to my eyes. Life is going by and people I love are passing on. :( The world feels colder and I miss my dad.

And on that melancholy note I'll change things up and let you all know how happy I am for our little blogging community. Merry Christmas! I hope it's a good year to remember! Hey, I haven't watched "A Christmas Story" yet this year. Watching that movie has become a Christmas tradition for me. :)

Meals today:
- handful of peanuts
- protein shake
- 4 sausage meatballs
- two bites of baked sweet potato with ground beef and sausage

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  1. Merry christmas. I'm going to have to get that sausage & cheese ball recipe from you. I think you've posted it before, but I never have written it down. DOH!


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