Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cro is home today

Cro is home today and tomorrow to use two more days of his vacation time. Again he has to be on call (that is crap since they aren't paying him to be on-call). Anyway, it's very nice that he has a couple of days off if they don't call. He has three more accrued vacation days to use before the end of the year. I always feel like I'm on vacation too when he is home even though he's asleep, the house is quiet and I'm working like any other day. It just FEELS like a special day.

I was completely absorbed in a project until 10pm last night. Since Cro didn't get home until 11pm it was a productive way to spend my time.

Today all is quiet. Cro is still in bed and though I still have lots of work to do I'm not stressing too much and plan to stop work by 5 if I can.

I watched an episode of American Horror Story was last night. I guess they are also taking a mid-season break and won't be back until January 9th. The Walking Dead won't be playing its next episode until January 15th, I think. It's not like I have lots of time to watch television anyway but when I do I'd like there to be something good on. :P

Meals yesterday:
- handful of peanuts
- brussels sprouts at 10:30pm (I was too absorbed in work to eat)

Today's meals:
- brussels sprouts for breakfast (roasted in a drizzle of olive oil)
- handful of peanuts
- Chic-fil-A nuggets

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