Friday, December 6, 2013

snow and stuff

Cro is moving into his company's new office building tonight. He said it was either that or he would have to move his stuff over the weekend (which he didn't want to do). His new office space will be much larger but he will be placed in an open concept work environment and lose his private office. He is bummed and I don't blame him. I've always been able to focus better and get more work done if not interrupted by the goings-ons of other divisions. I enjoyed the banter with the other guys in our design team but not so much when any group who walked by might have an impromptu "hall meeting". Our office was open so there was no "hall". That's what Cro is not looking forward to, I'm sure.

It snowed here yesterday evening and we woke up to see a couple of inches on the ground. It's pretty and I am well used to it since I am an Indiana native but my southern guy HATES it. The road in front of our house looked to be fairly clear so maybe it's not so bad.

Meals today:
- 2 eggs
- leftover turkey with gravy and a spoon of green bean casserole (no topping)
- 2 handfuls of peanuts (that's about 6 carbs worth)
- a few spicy pork rinds
- leftover chili and a TBSP of sour cream

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