Monday, December 16, 2013

Fill'er up

Wow. Is next week really Christmas?

Matt asked me to see The Hobbit with him Thursday evening. Sm-OW-g! In 3D!

The house is a bit chilly but we are supposed to be experiencing a warm-up over the next few days. The sugar glider room is nice and toasty thanks to the space heater Cro purchased for them. Friday is predicted to be 48ºF. Since it's been in the teens lately, 48º will feel like early spring. I'll take it!

The snow plow hadn't even cleared our road before Cro left for work this morning. Good thing he has 4WD. He had a new set of tires, brake work and a new caliper put on last Friday-Saturday so I'll not worry too much.

Gas was priced at $3.17 per gallon so I filled my tank. That may be the last time I'll have to fill it for the rest of the winter. I don't use the Jeep nearly as much as I did when I worked downtown. A tank of gas would *maybe* last a week back then.

* I just got another small project that is due Friday. Busy? :) Always room for a little more, I suppose.

My meals today:
- Carbmaster yogurt with a TBSP of lecithin
- 1/2 of a sweet potato
- 1/4 cup of browned ground beef and ground sausage mixed
- roasted brussels sprouts

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