Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Go the @#$%^ to sleep!

Loki's behavior last night was in monster mode until after 3am. I even put him in "time out" for half an hour when he insisted on continuously doing whatever he knew would get our attention. "Time out" is when I shut him in the bathroom. Things that he knows will get our attention include knocking things off of our desks with a loud crash, playing with paper that makes a loud rattle, running, jumping and vaulting off of my stomach when I am sleeping, jumping onto any surface that we've scolded him for being on… and so on.

So, not much sleep last night. He is cute though. BAD, but cute.

I received a letter from our home insurance office saying that they are sorry but they must decline coverage of the contents of our home because it isn't allowed for manufactured homes. Huh? Our home isn't manufactured, it's a brick home built in the 60's. After a quick call and sending a photo of the letter a rep from our agent's office sent me this email:

Just disregard this!!  :-)  Daniel said this Josh fellow is a nice young man, but very new to the underwriting department and he just got mixed up!  (My favorite part is the miss-spelling of Daniel, into Kaniel)
Sorry for any panic it caused!

I almost feel like the insurance rep is a personal friend. She went through the whole FEMA issue with me for weeks until we had it and my mortgage company sorted out.

My meals today (a repeat of yesterday):
- Carbmaster yogurt with a TBSP of lecithin
- 1/2 of a sweet potato
- 1/4 cup of browned ground beef and ground sausage mixed


  1. Wow, Loki is a pistol! I've heard it said that there is a reason puppies and kittens are so cute...it's easier to forgive them for being naughty.

    I'm glad you got the insurance thing figured out...things like that just cause unnecessary stress.

  2. Yes, he is lucky he is so darn cute. :) Cro says that due to his being a hybrid he will take longer to mature too. I don't think he is to be fully mature until he is 3!


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