Thursday, December 19, 2013

It's a Smaugy day

Matt and I are going to see "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" tonight. Fun!

This part must have not been 3D since the photo is clear.

It's Mitchel! I mean Killy! in the front barrel.

3D looks all blurry when not wearing the 3D glasses.

Blurry 3D Bilbo

And I hit publish before I was finished typing. Ah well. :)

Here's the rest of what I might have typed—and did type, lol.

Cro is taking two more of his vacation days this week. He'll have two remaining but thinks there won't be enough time to take them both before the end of the year since he HAS to work the day after Christmas. He'll just lose that vacation day since they don't pay for untaken vaca days.

Today has been busy with online display ads and e-newsletters. I enjoy what I do lots though.

There are 3 squirrels that have been tormenting Loki from the window this morning. Big fat squirrels! One even startled me as I was at the kitchen sink this morning. He jumped to that ledge to peek in… probably looking for Loki.

My meals today:
- Brussels sprouts
- Carbsmart yogurt with a TBSP lecithin


  1. Since I got my vision corrected (to monovision), I can't see 3D...everything is just blurry and it makes me kind of sick. So poor Hub has to settle for watching the regular version of a 3D movie.

  2. Pictures are not so clear. Have a wonderful day!!

  3. Grace - Matt and I were feeling a bit sick until they corrected the 3D alignment. Your Hub isn't missing all that much to watch a non-3D version with you… the big draw of going to the movies is spending time with people you love. :)


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