Tuesday, December 10, 2013

pain in the $$$

Super-duper busy but I'll post about this one thing because it is crazy. I got a bill from our mortgage company that was over $700 more than our normal mortgage payment. The new calculation is what monthly bill will be after the increase in flood insurance amount that I've been battling for a couple of months. I got a new assessment from FEMA that had the new total premium amount for the year as $918. The mortgage company has to divide that by 12 months to calculate the increase. It certainly is not an increase of $700 per month. Ouch. So I called the mortgage company and had them fix it. Our new monthly mortgage payment will be increased by $76 and some change. Whew. The things we have to do to get a fair shake in life! I feel bad for people who just accept every bill as truth and don't check up on things. I suppose they are either very poor from paying on mistakes or are too rich to care.

Tired of the snow since walking to the mailbox is slippery business!

My meals today:
- handful of peanuts
- a Quest bar that I found in the bottom of my now-empty stash
- spicy pork rinds with cream cheese
- handful of peanuts
- 8 count Chic-fil-a nuggets with no sauce (9 carbs)


  1. I wonder too about people who just accept bills as they are and pay them. My Sister is one of those people. I'm currently in an almost year long battle with a former doctor over a $6 bill. They claim I haven't paid it, but I keep showing them proof I did. The accountant refuses to see me or talk to me on the phone, so letter after letter I have sent. Just got another bill from them for the $. So annoying! I also had some labwork done through labcorp, they posted my payment to the wrong account, so I got a collection letter! I checked and sure enough, it was paid so I called them and they got the payment corrected in 24 hours.

  2. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who has to keep the world corrected when it comes to bills. :)

  3. That is not an error... That is highway robbery!

  4. It's all due to their people not caring about the amount they bill me and not getting around to updating my account with the latest FEMA info. For $700 I was motivated to give them a call!


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