Monday, December 9, 2013


Loki gets into a manic, wild-eyed, run-around-and-tear-up-stuff state most evenings. It can last from a few minutes to a few hours. That kitty has boundless energy! He jumped from behind our big flat screen television to balance on the skinny top of the screen a couple of days ago, which caused me great fear the the television might topple over and smash. NOT GOOD!

After giving it a lot of thought and knowing there is little chance that he'll pay attention to my yelling NO!!! when he's in his manic-monster-state I asked Cro if we could stop at Pet Smart so I could try a kitty deterrent device I had seen there.

Pet Smart didn't have what I wanted (which was a motion detection and audible only to the cat sound blasting thingy). What I got what a motion detection, compressed air thingy. Last night, at about 3am when Cro and I were asleep, I heard "PSSSFFTTT!! PSSFFFTTT!!". On checking on the tv I just caught Loki in a dismount. I had also put double-sided sticky tape on the back of the television console. Sticky feet in combination with a blast of compressed air was enough to deter him from jumping to the top of the skinny tv screen. YAY!

After giving it much though I ordered some plastic anti-bird-perching "spikes" and plan to line the ledge where the television sits with them to make it even more difficult for him to jump up there. He can't jump from the floor to the top of the tv (yet) so by making that ledge off limits I think the problem will be solved.

Crazy kitten!

My Meals Today:
- a spoon of lecithin
- a handful of peanuts
- shredded leftover turkey with gravy
- spicy pork rinds with a small amount of cream cheese
- another handful of peanuts


  1. This reminds me of when our Manx cat Quincy was young and full of crazy energy. One special memory is of when my ex-hub and I bought our first Christmas tree together, which we decorated so it was quite beautiful. When Quincy first saw that tree, he got a maniacal look in his eye, and from the opposite side of the room he RACED like a wild animal, climbed up the tree, which then came crashing down. Many ornaments were broken and the tree lost many needles. We tried putting the tree back up but every time we did, he would repeat the performance. We could never get him to stop so finally we gave up and we just didn't have a tree that Christmas. In retrospect, that memory still makes me chuckle.

  2. Yep, Quincy and Loki are cut from the same cloth. :) I don't even think about putting up a tree anymore. Matt always has one and his kitties don't mess with it. His "Mr. Kitty" used to sleep under it, way in the back. It was his wonderful Christmas hiding spot.


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