Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sleep is a wonderful thing!

Loki allowed us to sleep last night. Hurray!!! :) We were both a little wiped out yesterday from the lack of sleep.

Quick work update: (though work is practically my whole life)
  • Monday I finished up work on the small agency's website client and sent that to them for review.
  • I spent yesterday on the new display ad project that I mentioned is due Friday and sent that to client for review.
  • This morning I had edits on an enewsletter.
  • Now I'm working on an enews redesign.
I have a small pile of gifts to wrap which will likely be put off until early next week. I'm also planning what to take to contribute to mom's Christmas dinner. I'm thinking mashed sweet potatoes with a bit of cinnamon and Splenda (or maybe liquid Stevia). Also some sausage/cheese meatballs. I think Cro is going to make his cheddar biscuits.

My meals today:
- 1/2 sweet potato with cinnamon and Splenda
- ground beef and ground sausage mix
- Brussels sprouts

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