Tuesday, December 3, 2013

too much

I am super busy, but I suppose that is typical once the holiday season arrives and companies find themselves at the end of year. Things have to be finalized. Lots of things! Cro is super busy too and doesn't know if he will be allowed the time to use the remaining 5 days of vacation he has accrued this year. He says he will lose the vacation time if not used and they will not compensate for it if not used. :(

I won the court hearing by default. The non-paying client didn't even show up despite having asked the judge for continuance (and having it granted). I learned after the fact that the company is planning to change hands this month. Since they have 60 days to appeal I suspect that is why they asked for continuance. I guess if the company changes hands before the grace period for appeal they will no longer be obligated to pay since I don't have a written contract. All debts transfer over to the new owner or maybe they will be disregarded.

Loki's vet gave me a couple of options regarding his toe. He could do x-ray and then remove the toe or I could take him home and observe how he gets along with no treatment, watching for infection or discomfort in walking. I took him home. Even though one toe is angled wrong he doesn't seem to limp and it's not infected. The vet said it also may be a torn ligament rather than a broken toe. I'm hopeful that if it is the ligament his toe will straighten with time. If not, he doesn't seem to care and tears around the house like the Tasmanian Devil from cartoons. He only shows that it is tender when we clip his claws each week.

The Popeye's deep fried Cajun turkey was a great buy. It didn't taste spicey to me but the meat is SO tender. It cost $40 but Cro said it was worth it. I've been giving the sugar gliders bites of turkey with their evening meal and they LOVE it. Loki got a taste of the gravy and loved it too. All I know is mmm mmm mmm. We will probably get another one for the Christmas meal.

My Meals Today:
- a spoonful of Lecithin (mildly icky but I think it's good for me)
- one scrambled egg
- leftover Thanksgiving turkey and gravy (mmm mmm mmm)
- maybe a couple more eggs


  1. That turkey sounds over-the-moon delish!!! Boo about the non-paying client. I will occasionally get clients like that and it drives me batty. I can't imagine not paying an independent contractor like they seem to think is okay.... Time to bust some kneecaps! Did the turkey come with the gravy??

  2. I know. And apparently the guy who delegated the work to me is pissy about how I'm pursuing his company for what they owe. I just don't understand that. He was on my side (to my face) regarding getting paid, not knowing what was the hold-up and about contacting their accountant directly. Behind the scenes I guess he thinks I should have just excepted the loss quietly. I'm happy the hearing is behind me even if nothing comes of it other than a bill from the attorney.

    On another topic. Cro made the yummy gravy. I think I'll have some more. :)

  3. OH boo for the client issue. I watch judge shows all the time and hate it when people find loopholes to get out of stuff.

    Wonder if that turkey is available at ALL Popeye's? I live a couple of blocks from one.... might have to check into it.

  4. Not all Popeye's have the turkeys but you can find out on the Popeye's website if the one near you does. Cro and I usually get a smaller breast-only portion of the bird from supermarket. This is the first year we've had an entire bird pre-cooked. Easy and so good!

  5. *accepted•… my stupid typo (grammar fail) bugs me!


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