Thursday, January 23, 2014

a morning in pics (2 LC food pics and Loki destruction)

Loki got me! He was only playing but ouch!
I call these Oscar Bites (after Oscar the Grouch)
Chopped spinach, ground turkey and small bit of shredded cheddar.

Ingredients for Scotcharoos! (Thanks Angieloo!)
and unsweetened coconut before toasting.
Toasted coconut. I didn't burn it!

Scotcharoos after 20min in the freezer! Nom nom nom!
I heard a loud crash, turned around and this was how
Loki destroyed Cro's desk. Nothing was broken but WOW

It may seem as though Loki is out of hand but he just gets in these overload of energy moods. He is sleeping like an angel right now. Though it scared me when I heard the big crash and turned to see Cro's monitor like that, nothing was broken. I try to ignore him when I'm working but obviously some things should not be ignored.

I have been in an experimental low carb cooking frenzy! Okay, I made two things and had a recipe for the Scotcharoos though experimented by using mostly PB2 rather than already mixed peanut butter and didn't have enough butter so used half of the butter and half coconut oil for the base layer (the peanut butter and coconut layer). It worked out very well. I used liquid stevia for the sweetener.

Meals today:
- Oscar bites
- Scotcharoos
- more Oscar bites


  1. Wow, does Loki's energy remind me of Quincy. He used to climb around the kitchen and dishes and anything displayed on the top of the cabinets would come crashing down. At that age, they are just overcome with their energy. You are lucky that the computer is okay...whew.

  2. He has boundless energy at times and does not want to be ignored. Sometimes I feel guilty that I have to work and can't always give him attention but I'm trying to take more breaks to toss his Bumble stuffed toy and have him play fetch. Eventually he will take a long nap and all is peaceful.

    When I texted Cro with the computer overturned photo I first let him know that nothing was broken and I had set his monitor back on the desk and turned it on to be sure. Scary though!

  3. That little man can do some damage! Feisty little thing, isn't he?? :)

    Glad you're digging the scotcharoos! From one chocolatey peanutbuttery lover to the next... Try and keep warm!

  4. He tries! But he is a sweety at heart. A feisty sweety!

    Thank you for posting the scotcharoos recipe. It is very good and easy too.

  5. I remember the days of Abby being out of control. She isn't too bad now because I can hear pretty much anything she does due to the laminate floors. She can hear me coming too. :(

    I just found out about this website... gotta go post it on Angie's blog for her too (if she doesn't see it here)

  6. I'm adding the djfoodie site to my reading list. I'm surprised I hadn't heard of it before!

    I'm both looking forward to Loki being out of the kitten evil-energy phase of life and not since I want to experience every moment of his kittenhood. Cro says he is going to mature 3 times more slowly than a non-hybrid so I guess I have a couple more years of this nonsense to look forward to. Still, maybe he will grow out of at least some of it soon!


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