Monday, January 13, 2014

feels like Tuesday

I worked all day yesterday to have a set of online display ads ready for client this morning. The banners are due to pub by EOB today and the client insisted that I charge them for the rush so it's cool with me. That made the weekend extra short (by half) and is going to make this week feel very long. But I'm very happy with the ads I created and hope they will be too. I even got to play with how to build snowfall that using algorithms for seemingly random generation of size and placement. Fun stuff. Although I'm not a math wiz I love tinkering with that side of my brain.

This week I am doing a repeat of last week's rules. I don't think I mentioned them but I promised self that I would only eat eggs, meat and low-carb veggies (butter, olive oil, spices too). It made me feel great by the end of the week but this week I'm borrowing from my old 4HB routine and adding beans. So eggs, meat, low-carb veg and beans. I think I felt so good because it keeps me away from cheese, dairy and all that. I'm out of Mio so I am starting the week drinking only water. I may make a protein shake later though. Yesterday I make a protein shake with two scoops of vanilla protein powder, water, a shake of cinnamon, a dash of sugar-free Davinci vanilla syrup and a few drops of liquid stevia. Yum!

Meals today:
- browned ground beef and sausage mix
- roasted broccoli
- 5carbs worth of red beans
- Cinnamon-vanilla protein shake
- 2 eggs scrambled in butter

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