Tuesday, January 21, 2014


new fixture, new RO system
and new valves to fix that leak!

The plumber is here! I'm excited because that means the new fixtures and reverse osmosis systems are being installed. We may also be getting new pipes and valves and such to take care of a recurring leak. I hope it won't be $$$ but the plumber has been here over an hour and is still only in the kitchen. Ah well, it needs to be done.
Matt an I are getting together for our purposely late Christmas celebration and movie (maybe I, Frankenstein) this Friday. Woot!

Meals today:
- Dreamfield rotini and ground beef
- 4 blueberries


  1. I could have done your plumbing for you for free (unless you want hot water... I don't mess with that stuff!)

  2. Lol @ Jack.

    I used to work for a water purification company and if somebody told us they had reverse osmosis, we didn't even bother with them because that's basically the best you can get. Go, Oct!

  3. Ooh, that's cool to know, Angieloo. It makes me even happier with the RO system, if that's even possible. I love my tap water now!

    Jack, I'll definitely call you if I ever need a pail of water installed above the door for practical joking purposes. ;)


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