Tuesday, January 28, 2014

get the Bumble!

I spent most of the day rechecking and reformatting links on a new website that just went live. The domain owner wanted to redirect by changing the A-name information rather than by changing the name servers. This way he can still use the domain name with the ftp and email he already has set up. It's a big relief to have it done and to not have to worry about their email since they are a fairly large company (multiple offices in multiple states). But yay, finally all is done and I've done a meticulous check of every page, every link, every download.

Whew. :)

This is not the Bumble, but he likes the snake too.
Thankfully Loki has been sleeping most of the afternoon and has not been pestering me too much. I mentioned to Cro last night that his Bumble toy is missing. Cro said he hadn't seen it in a few days. Then it dawned on me that I had put it in the sugar glider room when I had to sequester Loki away from the plumber. I found the Bumble under a little table in the corner of the room and wow, did Loki's eyes ever light up when he saw it. I could just imaging him saying BUMBLE!!! in an excited, happy voice. Yes, he knows the word Bumble and when we say "Where's your Bumble?" he usually goes to find it.

Meals today:
- half of a ground beef patty with diced onions
- half of a ground beef patty with diced onions
- green tea (okay, not a food but it's my Christmas green tea from Matt and it is good)
- bacon


  1. Abby feels the same way about Bunny Baby. Sadie had Banana. "B" names are popular eh?

  2. It's so cute how they get attached to a toy and claim it as their special one.

  3. Look at those ears and haunting green eyes! No wonder people in the dark ages thought black cats were demons or witches' familiars.

    Now we just think they are adorable!

  4. I think it's cool that a cat's eye color is in what would be the whites of a human's eyes. He is a beautiful kitty… but so naughty! :)


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