Wednesday, January 15, 2014

help, I am being bullied by my kitten

Loki has been pushing me around, the little bully. <3

I am the one who feeds him and gives him his daily med to keep away the sneezes and watery eye. Since I am the one who feeds him he comes to me when he feels it is time for more food. This can be very VERY cute, like when he jumps up and snuggles in my arms in front of the computer while I work. I only allow him on my desk when I know he's there to tell me it's time for more food.

And this can be very annoying when he relentlessly pesters me at night to get up and give him more food. It's my fault that it has gotten this bad because I get up and give him more food just to shut him up for a couple of hours. He is a VERY smart kitty. He knows how to push my buttons. He is taking advantage of my placating him in order to gain a couple more hours of undisturbed sleep.

He has been moving up breakfast time. At first he only pestered me at 6am-ish and that was perfectly fine with me. Then he started pestering me at 3:30am and I caved and fed him in order to get that couple hours of sleep before he asked a second time. Last night he pestered me so I got up and mixed his food, served it, glanced at the clock. 1:00am! NO

When I went back to bed he decided he could immediately pester me to play. NO

I finally gave up and locked myself in the sugar glider room for some peaceful sleep. Oh he had a fit but he finally went away. The thing is, he doesn't pester Cro to get up like he does to me. I have a squirt bottle beside my bed but that doesn't deter him for long.

Any advice is welcome otherwise I may have to pick up and move to the sugar glider room for a few nights in hopes that he will get the message and stop it.

By pestering I mean anything he can do to keep me from sleeping. Young cats can be very inventive. I've been play-bitten and scratched (nothing major but it has left marks), smothered, yowled at, had to listen to him romp around the house in anger as he searches for things to knock off the walls, knock off my desk, make crashing noises with. His favorite target is my desk and anything on it or in the drawer under my keyboard. I put all of my things in the hall closet before bed each night and get them out again the next morning.

I love the little guy (little? He's 10lbs now) but wow, I am a pushover and he knows it.

Meals today:
- browned ground beef and sausage mix
- roasted broccoli
- 5carbs worth of red beans
- Cinnamon-vanilla protein shake with a spoon of coconut oil mixed in
- 2 eggs scrambled in butter


  1. I do free feeding, so Abby can get food anytime, but I know most vets don't recommend that. She likes to bring us prizes at night but can't always get enough traction on the laminate floor to jump on our high bed with them in her mouth. Those bigger toys we have hidden. No joke, we've woken up with every single toy she owns in our bed! We used to play with her every afternoon or evening so she would sleep at night, but since I've been pregnant and sleeping all afternoon most days, that's not been happening. Last weekend I moved her cat tree into the bedroom and HeZug noticed once I get to sleep, she moves there. Probably to keep a protective eye on my bump?

  2. Thanks SheZug, good ideas. His meals consist of wet food mixed with dry. He won't eat it if it sits more than a few minutes, which is why I get up to give him fresh food. However your suggestion leads me to try leaving a bowl of dry food out in the evening after his last wet/dry meal of the day is over. I'm sure it won't completely satisfy him but maybe that combined with not having access to me (if I sleep in the sugar glider room) may curb his pushy habits.

    Yes, I think Abby is protecting her momma and she knows something is in need of extra protection right now. Cute. :)

  3. Loki does indeed know how to push your buttons. He does what works to get what he wants. The problem is it may be food, but it may just be attention.

    It's been years since I had cats, but like SheZug, we would make dry food available all the time. As for the attention-seeking behavior, is he bored? Maybe you need another kitty that he can play with. In any case, he will probably outgrow the night owl activity as long as you don't encourage it. But right now he has so much energy, he doesn't know what to do about it.

  4. Grace, you are right and I need to change how I react to his pestering rather than trying to make him change. Buying a couple hours of peace by doing what he wants or squirting him isn't working so I need to modify my reactions. Thank you for your reply and I'm so glad you are feeling better!


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