Tuesday, January 7, 2014

cold to the negative degree!

I suppose the holidays are sorta-kinda over. Matt and I have yet to do our Christmas but we are both fine with waiting.

We are experiencing an influx of arctic cold and snow. 11+ inches fell Sunday night through Monday. The temperature was -17°F with a -40° windchill at one point. Frostbite city!!! I did end up with Frostnip due to my own lack of planning, slipping in the snow when no one was around and not being able to regain stable footing for several minutes. Oh, and I was wearing fingerless gloves (the stripey ones) of course.

I'd never had frostbite before which is odd considering how as a kid I would spend an entire afternoon in the snow helping load the wood that dad had cut to keep the house warm and toasty. I'd also not heard of Frostnip but after several hours inside with my fingers still having pins and needles I did some searching on Google to see what was wrong. Let me just say that I had never had such intense pain. When my fingers first started to thaw, the pain was so bad that I didn't know if I was going to throw up or pass out. I suppose being flayed would feel something like that. The intense pain only lasted a couple of hellish minutes but wow. I also did everything that you aren't supposed to do with cold damaged fingers. I clapped my hands together and rubbed them, trying to get the circulation going. Not supposed to do that with frostbite.

My fingertips are still numb and tingling if that makes sense. No discoloration though so I expect all to be back to normal soon.

And I didn't mean to write so much about that. I sound like Shleprock. "Wowsey wowsey woo woo" :P

Cro worked from home yesterday since the mayor ordered the city to be under a travel warning yesterday (travel restricted to emergency management workers only). He just texted that he made it to work okay but had to shovel snow in order to get inside.

Work was a bit quiet for me yesterday but I did have a few requests for small projects. I am expecting details on another online display ad project for the big agency that they need to have completed by end of the week. I've already done some content edits and additions to one of the Texas home builder sites this morning.

Meals this work week: eggs, meat & veggies only.

- 2 eggs scrambled in butter
- 2 more eggs scrambled in butter
- brussels sprouts

- brussels sprouts
- 2 eggs scrambled in butter
- probably some ground beef and sausage

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