Friday, January 31, 2014

Knotty Pine!?!

Hmm, what's going on today?

I guess the big thing is that it's Friday and it's the last day of the month (so Cro is working a late day and won't likely be home until after midnight).

It's finally after 5 so work would be over for me except that I told one client that I would check email until 7 in case he gets me info to update his website's MX record. Okay, so an hour and a half until weekend freedom.

I wrote another letter to the non-paying client. The waiting period for appeal of the judgement is over. This means that I can file a lien on their assets. I chose to send one more request for them to pay before I do this. Will they pay? Doubtful. Will I file a lien against them? Likely. Will it mean that I eventually am paid? *shrug* You guys are probably tired of hearing about that. I am tired of it too.

I may watch the American Horror Story finale again later tonight. Knotty Pine!!?!! lol
Jessica Lang is great. ^_^

I also have over half of a novel to finish. "Horns", by Stephen King's son who is writing under the name Joe Hill. He isn't as good as his dad – in my opinion – but it's still good.

Meals today:
- low-carb chicken nuggets
- spicy pork rinds and cream cheese to dip
- low-carb chicken nuggets

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