Monday, January 27, 2014

Late Christmas with Matt

Matt and I had our Christmas exchange last Friday. So fun! I got him a Bewitched Christmas tree ornament, a Bewitched Chevelle Malibu toy car, a trio of vintage style movie theater dancing snack signs, hmm, what else… oh a 1970's Charlie's Angels doll, a Hungarian copy of Cosmopolitan that featured Linda Evangelista (a fashion fav of Matt's) and a pack of 1980's Bic Banana ink crayons. Yes, he loves the retro stuff!

For me he got an Edward Gorey book (I collect these), two Sookie Stackhouse books, a big box of green tea of a brand that I had put on my Amazon Wish List but he found at Costco, a sample of Issey Miake perfume (my fav!) and the Humans of New York book which I love, love, love!

Trading gifts is so fun and is always our final celebration of the holiday.

We then went to see I, Frankenstein which was a delightfully sucky movie so we had lots to laugh about after.

I love our tradition of late Christmas between friends!

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