Thursday, January 16, 2014


I didn't have to seek refuge from Loki by sleeping in the sugar glider room last night. And other than a half-hour battle of wills at 2am, I got a great night of sleep.

To accomplish this miracle I changed the way I respond to his pestering. I also put out a large bowl of dry kitten food after serving his final wet/dry meal of the day.

During the half-hour battle of wills I refrained from reacting to his insistent pestering other than to gently pick him up and set him on the floor. I didn't talk to him, didn't spray him with water, didn't even look at him. I'm sure he jumped back up a hundred times and each time I didn't say a word and just calmly set him on the floor. I sat up in bed in order to do this over and over until he finally gave up and curled up at Cro's feet to sleep. Ahh, peaceful sleep!

It's only the first night but now I know how to deal with him in a manner that works and doesn't incite him to rage around the house looking for things to break. At least it didn't last night… knock on wood.

Lots more to talk about (8th anniversary celebrations, work projects, plumbers, the upcoming Christmas get-together with Matt, low-carb stuff) but I'll end this post and try to keep it to just the one topics rather than a book. :)

Meals today:
- browned ground beef and sausage mix
- roasted broccoli
- 5carbs worth of red beans
- Cinnamon-vanilla protein shake with a spoon of coconut oil mixed in
- bacon

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  1. Glad you found out what worked.. Here's to many restful nights of sleep!


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