Friday, January 17, 2014

sweet sleep

Night two of my new approach to Loki and it's still working. Another good night of sleep… half of it snuggling with kitty, 10 minutes or so of putting him onto the floor because he turned pesky, the other half sleeping peacefully with Loki sleeping at Cro's feet. Happy! And Loki is happy too. <3

I'm out of ground beef and really only have bacon as an option for meats today. I roasted a pan of brussels sprouts and will have bacon later. :)

It's a good day (Friday is here!) other than it's snowing again and still slick? I texting Cro to see how his drive to work was. I may venture to the grocery if it isn't still slick.

Work projects - just various home builder website stuff so far today. The ones in Texas and in Indy.

Meals today:
- roasted brussels sprouts
- bacon


  1. Animals really do want someone to be their pack leader (or in the case of cats, pride leader). If you don't use a firm hand, they will figure it's their job to be the boss. I think Loki was testing you..."is she the leader...or am I?"

    So glad this new approach is working out!

  2. It's an odd concept for some of us humans but you are right. We are all happy now that I finally figured things out and let the 9 month old know he doesn't have to be leader.

  3. Ang is always saying that... Loki wants you to "have it."

    I might do some bacon today as well... It sounds very good! <3

  4. Just to clarify, you know she specializes in canine behavioral therapy (and this is the biggest thing that she stresses!) You're a great pet mommy and have very good instincts.

  5. Tell Ang thank you. I'm working on "having it". :) I guess my 17 year old kitty already knew how things go and didn't need to test me. Loki is the first baby kitty I've lived with in a LONG while.

  6. And I have to add that Loki knows Cro has it. Cro doesn't even use a squirt bottle. Just a calm word and a look and he has that kitten doing what he asks. I was the problem but I think I'm making great progress!


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