Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The protector of the house (not)

It was fun observing Loki yesterday while the plumber was in the house. At first I put Loki in the sugar glider room. They sleep during the day and are within the safety of a big cage too so he wasn't going to bother them. I'm sure they knew he was there but since they weren't active he wouldn't be drawn to stalk them.

Anyway, Loki cried and cried and insisted that he be allowed free run of the house. It's so cute when he gets insistent as if he is a big Serval cat. It goes from meeoww!!! meeowww!! to Rawrow!!! RAWR-ROWL!!! in his most threatening voice. LET ME OUT NOWWWWW!!!

So I told the plumber I was going to let him out and to yell if he starts pestering him. The plumber agreed that it sounded like he really wanted out and to go for it.

Upon gaining freedom Loki immediately wanted to jump into my arms for protection. When I put him down he ran to the far corner of our living room and ducked behind the furniture. When I looked over my shoulder I could see his tall ears and his eyes peering around the edge of a couch leg, but nothing more.

He was afraid of the strange man in our house! I thought he would be a little braver than that after hearing him growl when someone knocked on the door a week or so ago. lol

Nothing to worry about, silly kitty.

Meals today:
- burger on half of an evil bun! The bun wasn't even that good for it's 12 carb price tag
- TBSP of shredded cheese
- a slice of onion
- I plan to make turkey burger meatballs, florentine later (I need to find a good recipe for ground turkey and spinach leaves)

*update: I used an overload of spinach and so they turned out as mostly spinach-balls with a little turkey and a sprinkle of sharp cheddar cheese. I think I'll just call them Oscar Bites after Oscar the Grouch, who is a similar shade of green and is fuzzy like my Oscar Bites appear to be. Yummy if you like spinach, which I do. VERY messy to make with the spinach sticking to my hands. I put the touch-on faucet to good use.


  1. Yes! I wanted one of those for ages. With sticky green Oscar Bites covered hands I turned on the faucet by touching it with the back of my hand.


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