Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter memories

For the third day in a row this week most of the people I know are still working from home. 11+ inches of snow and -40 wind chill has grounded our city for a few days. Cro worked from home on Monday but went in yesterday and today. Things are supposed to finally warm up a bit this afternoon. Hey, it's 13° right now. :) More snow is predicted for today and tomorrow though the temps will continue to increase.

One of the gifts I have on order for Matt is "delayed due to extreme weather conditions or an unforeseen natural event". Our Christmas exchange is delayed for the same reasons.

People have mentioned that Indiana hasn't had a snow this bad since 1978. I was a kid then but I do remember that winter fondly. Snow was huge fun. My sister and I had snowball fights and built a snow fort. Mom helped us to make snow ice cream and dad hooked up the pony to take us on sleigh rides. Fun fun fun! I remember how dad and mom ushered my sister and me into the room that had a fireplace and not only closed the doors but tacked up quilts to cover them and keep any cold drafts out. All four of us spent the night in the family room, warmed by the fireplace. It was a cozy and fun camp-out adventure inside the house.

Meals today:
- 2 scrambled eggs with butter
- browned ground beef and sausage mix
- 3 florets of roasted cauliflower
- brussels sprouts

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  1. I grew up in Iowa, so I know all about midwestern winter weather. I also remember snow days as a kid, and how much fun they were. But I moved to Washington State around 1980, and I have to be honest...I do not miss snow. (We do get snow occasionally in the Seattle area, but it's a rare occurrence and usually doesn't stick around for long.)


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