Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Broki Loki :(

I'm not really up for writing about this right now but I want to get it down before I forget any of the details.

Loki broke a leg yesterday, had surgery today and is still at the animal hospital as I type.

Yesterday, near 1pm I heard him call out in a manner that told me something was wrong. I had allowed him downstairs while I spent some time on the recumbent bike but he didn't immediately follow me back upstairs when I was finished.

I followed his voice, knowing he was stuck or something and calling out for help. He was in a little heap of helplessness, right behind my recumbent bike and continued to call out for help even when I got to him. I picked him up and his yowls told me he was hurting.

I carried him upstairs and set him down on the carpet. And saw this:


I grabbed the phone to take a quick video to send to Cro, called the vet and let them know I was bringing him in and that I was pretty sure he had broken his leg.

The vet felt his legs and said "oh yeah, it's definitely broken" and took him back for some xrays.

The xray shows a sharp, but clean, break. The vet did surgery late yesterday afternoon and called to let me know it went very well and I should be able to bring him home after noon on the next day (today).

I called this morning to check on him and the vet let me know that although the surgery went well and the leg is healing fine, Loki was having an adverse reaction to Fantanyl pain patch. Loki wasn't himself and was experiencing psychosis and very aggressive. The vet said he wanted to keep him until this evening and maybe another night. They were going to allow the Fantanyl to wear off and put him on a pain med that they knew he tolerated well.

I texted Cro to let him know and that I was going to take his Bumble to him. I thought that maybe the familiar toy would help calm him. So I stopped by Walgreens and picked up a Valentine heart of candy, wrote a note thanking the VCA staff for caring for him, dropped that off and when back with the vet to visit Loki.

I knew he was still aggressive but the vet let me put Bumble in the cage with him. Loki growled and spit and lashed out at Bumble… poor kitty! The vet then took me to the next room to show me the "after surgery" xrays. Loki has one pin, two wires and 6 staples, is less aggressive than he was 2 hours ago according to the vet and has been given some Valium to help calm him.

Nice mom… they shaved my butt and you post a pic! >_<

So now I wait and hope the vet calls with news that I can bring Loki home. I still don't know how he broke his leg. The vet said for a fracture like that he must have caught it on something as he fell because it wouldn't break in that manner from landing from a height. Cro thinks that he might have knocked something down, fell with it and it could have fallen on him. We haven't yet been able to find anything that might have fallen on him.


  1. My prayers go out to your little fur angel. Hope you can have him home asap. <3 Angieloo

  2. Thank goodness you work from home now or he would have been calling out with nobody to hear him :( Scary stuff... Keep us posted if you can!

  3. :-( My eyes are tearing up.

    Hugs to you and Cro and Loki. It's so sad when our babies are hurting. You are a good mom.

  4. Thank you all for the loving comments. I'll post an update in a sec. He is home now, sleeping peacefully and even snoring. :)


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