Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Just a moment!" - Office Space

I had an unexpected conference call this morning before Cro got out the door for work. The call was only unexpected because it was earlier than anticipated, I knew I was going to have the call sometime this morning. Anyway, all went well. I told the clients that I was going to announce to my husband that I was on a conference call and then Loki decided as usual that my attention should NOT be divided. I had to laugh when I saw George Takei's facebook post today becuase that is Loki to a T… other than the kitty is gray rather than black. The kitty is actually a spitting image of Matt's Mr. Kitty in his younger years. I ushered Loki into the sugar glider room so I could concentrate on the call. Bad kitty, lol.

Cro made a huge batch of vegetable beef soup last night so I plan to have a bowl of that for lunch and just avoid the diced carrots. SO yummy!

I also cut up chicken and have a parmesan cheese bowl to coat them before frying. That will provide great low-carb meals for both today and tomorrow.

Work projects are plentiful for the rest of this week, next week and probably even for the next two months. Or to quote Buzz Lightyear, "Infinity and beyond!". I'm still loving the freelance life and love my clients.

Funny, I was contacted yesterday by a lady who thought I would make a great fit at their new custom card shop in the fashion mall. No thanks. I might have been a tiny bit interested if it weren't for the "customer service" aspect and the fact that it would take me away from my other clients. I am so not looking for a retail sales job in the mall (or anywhere). No, I didn't say these things. ;)

Customer service is always first in importance in what I do… defined as client involvement, satisfaction and results that better their goals of increased profit and brand recognition. Not as a retail sales associate like what I did in college. And now I've put everyone to sleep. ;)

Meals today:
- chicken
- vegetable beef soup

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