Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Loki in the sky-eye with diamonds

It's another freezing cold day. It's supposed to snow again Friday. I think I must have that seasonal affected disorder. I joke, but I really have had the blues for the last couple of days. More sunlight, please! Less snow!

I bought a 3-pack of Dentyne thinking it was a gum that didn't include aspartame as an ingredient. Wrong. I guess Dentyne Fire says that it is aspartame-free but what I bought wasn't it. Bummer. :( I wanted some gum.

Yeah, it may seem like he's full of it but unfortunately for me, I know it's real. Aspartame is very bad, mmm'kay.

Loki checking out my XyloBurst gum (and my candle).
I only wish XyloBurst didn't lose flavor in under 10 seconds.

Meals yesterday:
- vegetable beef soup
- chili dogs (2 Hebrew National beef franks topped with Cro's chili)

Meals today:
- vegetable soup
- roasted cauliflower
- 3 pieces of XyloBurst gum (not really a meal, it's chewing gum)

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  1. NO blues allowed. Go outside for some fresh air and breathe in that cold crispness! More refreshing than aspy gum!


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