Thursday, February 27, 2014

Loki updates

Loki now has a tent to surround his healing cave. I can zip him inside at night and when I need to focus on work and not the broken-leg kitty who thinks it's a good idea to jump onto high things when I'm not watching. I leave it unzipped most of the time and he goes inside to sleep without prompting.

His incision was looking a bit swollen and so I called the vet and email pics. The doctor got back to me today saying"

The incision looks a bit irritated, but nothing worrisome.  I wonder if it is starting to itch as it heals and Loki is licking it when he's bored.  If it stays the way it is, we don't really need to do anything until the weekend, when the staples are due to take out.  However, if it looks more irritated today, I'd consider stopping by to pick up an ointment to apply to the incision line and possibly an e-collar to keep Loki from licking.  If you have any further questions, I'll be in the office today until 4.

It looks much better today and he doesn't seem to be messing with it so all is good. Once the staples are out it should flatten down lots too.

His favorite spot is ON TOP of the tent. As long as he doesn't get too crazy and settles down to sleep I maybe won't have to zip him inside. Ha! And he just got too rowdy by trying to jump, play and scratch through the mesh top. He is now zipped inside, which he hates but hopefully he will sleep soon. *exasperated sigh* I have a lot of work to do on a very tight deadline. Take a nap Loki, simmer down now. :)

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