Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The "Man" Cave

When we first adopted Loki, Cro laughed when I started to refer to him as "man" when I spoke to him. "Oh, sorry man." when I would have to get up and put him on the floor. "What'ya doing, man?" when he would enter a room. " "Are you hungry, man?" when I was about to get him some food. "Look out, man!" when he would shadow my every foot step. He still does that, like a baby duck.

Anyway, I put together a healing cave for him so I guess it's his "Man" cave. I know that when an animal is hurt it is natural for them to want a safe, quiet place to hole up and heal. By turning an empty storage bin on it's side, stuffing in a soft "doggy" bed covered in a clean towel (not that it needed more softness, but why not) and draping it with an old knitted afgan, he has the perfect place to peek out on what I'm doing while he resides in the darkness and heals.

Again, sorry if these pics are repeats to those of you who are facebook friends. Friend me if you aren't! ^_^

Meals today:
- 3 minute cinnamon-flax muffin (2 eggs, quarter cup of flax seed, 1/2 teaspoon coconut flour, dash of cinnamon and splenda and sea salt)
- ground beef and kidney beans (I haven't made this yet but I expect I'll use some cayan pepper or other hot spices
- roasted cauliflower


  1. How is your baby doing? Love his little cave...

  2. He's slowly healing and beginning to think he can do everything he could before. Since he can't yet I am having to keep a close watch on him and collect him from places that he jumps onto that are too high for him to safely get back down on his own. I got a tent to keep him confined when I can't be on watch. I expect he is going to hate it once he is active enough to have to be shut in (right now I am able to keep the door open since he mostly sleeps.


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