Thursday, February 20, 2014

update on Loki

I'm copy-pasting from a facebook post that I just made so sorry if you are a facebook pal and are reading this twice. If you aren't a facebook pal, why aren't you? :) I'm Tracy Robbins Smith at so friend me.

Yeah, I need a haircut. Not worried about that right now. ;)

Update on Loki: He is finally home and although he is very tender, he is very happy to be back in a familiar environment. He didn't relax until I picked him up and let him sleep against my chest at the computer (which not that comfy for me to work, but I worked around him and let him sleep in my arms for about an hour before he moved to sleep on the couch).

Yay for having him home! He gets an antibiotic every 12 hours and pain meds every 8 hours but we don't have to worry about that until 4pm.

Staples will be removed 10 days from surgery and then he'll have another small surgery in 6ish weeks to remove the pin.

For those who are curious, fixing a broken leg for kitties will cost roughly $2k. I've never in my life had a pet with injury this serious so I'd say it is a rare thing but is something to be aware of before you commit to a little feller. <3 you Loki!

Breakfast in bed at 1pm. The best!

And no, he doesn't want me to straighten his blankets.


  1. I am so glad he is home with you.

    In 2012 (as I think you know because I blogged about it and you commented), Buster got very sick and between the MRI, medical procedures and hospital stay, we spent almost $6000. Later in that same year (when I took a break from blogging) he had to have several teeth removed; and we also found out he has a somewhat rare digestive tract issue called lymphangiectasia. The only way to discover that was from a colonoscopy. So that year we spent almost $10,000 on B! I guess what I'm saying is...yup, our critters can be expensive. But we love them and I can't imagine not doing everything (within reason) to care for them. (Thank heavens he has been very healthy since.)

    I hope Loki continues to improve and that he doesn't get aggressive again from any medications. Take care!

  2. Buster is a very lucky pup to have such a loving family who is willing to take care of him even when it is so expensive. I hope this is the last injury that Loki will experience but we are there for him no matter what. It is so tough to watch our little babies in pain (and I know you know that from experience)! Good health, long life and no more injuries to both Buster and to Loki! :)

    1. As I like to say..."isn't that what credit cards are for?" LOL I spend money on much sillier things than B, so I try to cut back on the frivolous stuff. On another note, have you thought about pet insurance? I have, but have not done anything about it.

    2. I'm cutting back on a hair cut for a couple of months. ;) I thought about pet insurance but decided against it. These types of emergencies aren't that frequent. Since we don't have kids, the pets, ourselves, the house and vehicles are what we spend it on.

  3. I'm just glad he is okay and snuggled down at home... Did the vet give him anything for pain or to help him chill out a little??

    How's he doing today?

  4. He gets a pain med every 8 hours and an antibiotic every 12. He lets me know when he thinks it's time for more pain med. I'm worried that as he starts feeling better he is going to try to jump onto things again. I may need to get a doggy crate to keep him from hurting himself while he heals.


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