Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Broki Loki

I haven't updated the blog in awhile but let me give you a quick rundown of what has been going on with Loki. Those of you who are also facebook friends haven't missed a thing so the stuff below will be redundant.

- February 18 - Loki broke his femur
- Feb 18 - surgery
- Feb 20 - picked him up after extended hospital stay due to bad reaction to Fentanyl pain patch
- Feb 24 - picked up more Buprenor pain med (he would meow to me when he was starting to hurt and open his mouth for the med like a baby bird)
- March 1 - staples removed
- March 3 - emergency night-visit to animal hospital. He was having horrible pain
- March 4 - picked up an additional type of pain med, Onsior (didn't help, the pain was too great)
- March 5 - picked up another additional med - a nerve pain med (it still didn't help)
- March 6 - follow-up surgery to remove pin that was pressing on sciatic nerve
- March 6 - Loki comes home again but it to be under strict confinement during healing
- March 20 - goes in for re-examination to see how he is healing
- April 3 - Loki should be healed enough to resume regular activities

So yeah, I've been very busy with Loki on top of my freelance work. It is good that I work from home and can keep an eye on him.

From the day he had the staples removed until his doc consulted with a specialist at another hospital we had no idea why he was hurting so much. Cro and I had our theories but not being vets we were primarily helpless other than bringing him back to the vet and keeping on the situation until a solution was found.

My lowest moment was on March 6th when his vet told me the xrays look perfect, that the healing looks good and he had no idea what was causing the pain and suggested that I take Loki to another animal hospital. I guess the worried look on my face caused him to say "Give me a few minutes to call the surgeon at another hospital and see if he can look at Loki's xray." After he can back in the room it was like the sun coming out from behind the clouds.

 Heartbreaking - Loki asks for help to make the pain STOP.

The other surgeon looked at the xray and told Loki's doc exactly what the problem was. With young cats, sometimes the pin will try to work its way out of the body. In doing so it was pushing against the sciatic nerve resulting in maddening pain. I have read sciatic nerve pain can be like a fire that is burning on the inside of the body and can shoot up and down the length of the body.

After the follow-up surgery Loki's horrible pain was gone. The vet let me know that due to infection he removed the pin completely. Since Loki had only been healing for 1 week, that left his bones extremely vulnerable for re-fracture. So, he is confined to his tent for 28 days.

The note the doc left with me says "28 days - "Playpen Only" - Absolutely no running around, climbing, jumping. Femure is prone to re-fracture if used and would require more surgery."

After staple AND pin removal - resting under careful watch.
Loki is doing well in his confinement. He calls to me when he would like to visit the litter pan and the the kitchen. I carry him there and set him down. He does his business and I carry him back to the tent. :)

He had lost all feeling in the foot of the broken leg by the time the vet performed the second surgery to remove the pin. As of today he has regained much of that feeling and is able to walk. Cro checked to see how much "push back" he will do with that foot as I hold him. We have high hopes that he will regain complete sensation.

And I will be a nervous, hovering caretaker until his 28 days are complete to be sure he does not re-fracture that leg!!! I'll actually be nervous and hovering as he is released to normal activites since we still don't know HOW he broke his leg. We think he got into things (as usual) and broke it when it caught on something he jumped down from. He isn't allowed out of my site for awhile and definitely is not allowed downstairs.

Long story and you can probably see why I've taken this long to write it all in the blog.

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  1. Never a dull moment with Little Loki! Seriously, that poor baby. :( Worrying about our baby's well-being is no joke, either. He's obviously very smart if he opens his mouth for the pain meds like that. Can't wait 'til this is all just a bad memory. *hugs*

    I just wish we could talk to our pets and tell them what is going on.


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