Monday, March 24, 2014

eats for the week

I'm making meals ahead and simplifying at least one bit of my life.

Meals today, tomorrow, etc, etc, Friday:
- 1 protein shake (water and one scoop of Fitmiss Delight Healthy Nutrition Shake)
- 3x per day: browned ground beef, ground sausage, red pepper flakes and a dash of cinnamon
- 3x per day: small serving of roasted cauliflower
- 3x per day: 1 tbsp baby lima beans (I roasted these in oven with the cauliflower and they came out rather crunchy and sort of good. ^_^)
- 1 5carb square of Dove dark chocolate with almond bits

I'm taking my tax info to a CPA this Friday. Although I'm breathing a sigh of relief that I'll have someone official to help, I still have to gather all of the paperwork. I ordered an inexpensive laser printer from Amazon to print stuffs.

I have half a dozen or so freelance projects in the works. Busy.

Loki is still healing very well and is more and more bored of his confinement every day. 14 more days and he gets his freedom back…sort of. We are still going to limit him when he gets carried away.

Matt and I are getting together Thursday to see a movie.

I'm thinking about going to the salon Thursday morning if they can get me in. I've gone without highlights and learned to cut my own hair (and do it very well! thanks to this youtube video). I'm not doing my own highlights though… I'm scared to mess up my hair!

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