Tuesday, March 11, 2014

rawr - deleting frenzy

So… I was working on stuff this morning and happened to login to my youtube channel (which is a private channel). Somehow from there it took me to GooglePlus and wow, loads of photos that I had taken in the past are on my Google Plus account. In a frenzy of doubt and in wanting privacy I began to delete photos from Google Plus. But eek, they are the same photos displayed on my blog. I then went to this blog and yup, lots of photos that I had deleted from Google Plus are gone from the blog.

The whole digital world is connected! Ah well. I didn't delete EVERYTHING but my usual cautious self doesn't like that Google, Google Plus, Youtube and Blogger all seem to be connected somehow.

Anyway, forgive the blank areas where there used to be a photo and I'm trying to re-upload some of the things I deleted.


  1. I hate the google plus thing too. I deleted tons of pics to remain private, which is why I'm not putting too many pics of the baby on the blog. I am so frustrated that everything has to be connected these days.

  2. That's why I took all my nude selfies off my blog.

  3. I know... I really hate that! It's scary stuff and it kind of makes you wonder. I like things compartmentalized... separate.... Not one big conglomerate!


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