Tuesday, April 8, 2014

eats for the week

Meals today, tomorrow, etc, etc, Friday:
- 1 protein shake (water and one scoop of Fitmiss Delight Healthy Nutrition Shake)
- 2x per day: 2 eggs scrambled Chef Ramsey style
- roasted cruciferous veggies (cauliflower, broccoli or brussels sproats)

Loki has a follow-up appointment with his vet later today. I believe he is going to get an xray to make sure the broken femur is well on it's way to being healed. He may also get a steroid to help speed up the sciatic nerve damage he experienced due to the surgery. Cro would like me to ask about the wires that have been left in. I've asked before but I'll ask about possible future bone cancer due to hardware being left in. I know that isn't likely but very worth bringing up.

Loki is full of energy and actually gets a bit overstimulated at times so I put him back in the tent to chill out for a bit. I love that he is so exuberant with his freedom but don't want him to overdo something before he is truly fully healed. I may bring that up to the vet as well. :)

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