Monday, May 5, 2014

birthdays, demolitions and other happenings

One of my favorite bloggers (and I have many and most of you know who you are I hope) posted a "Long Time No See" post today which made me realize that hey, long time no me, too. She posts about how boring her blog is while telling us about loads of fun things, her new balance ball chair, gorgeous photos of meals (I would LOVE to be able to cook that well) and even a wildlife adventure with pics of reptiles whose names I should know (and that Cro certainly does know), a beautiful owl, some exotic mammals, and wow, that is so NOT boring. ;)

So here is my legitimately boring blog post, lol.

Our little bridge/shed is in need of being demolished and removed. We both have been searching for a reasonably priced option that will also give us piece of mind that it is being removed safely and without damage to the creek or back yard of our property. We finally have found someone who has impressed us with his plan and should be removing it within the next week or so. Here's a pic of the bridge-shed (which I had always thought of as adding a cute bit of character to our place). I suppose cute has turned to an expensive hassle now that it is falling into the creek. :/ It will cost us about $2k to have it removed.

Loki's 1st birthday is tomorrow! 5/6/2014 will make 1 year and boy has he had an adventurous year. His broken leg is healed but he still is working toward recovery of that sciatic nerve damage he experienced due to the pin after surgery. We are still hopeful that he will recoop completely as he gets his muscle tone back but he has no trouble getting around as it stands. Not even a week after his last broken bone appointment with the vet he had to be treated for a swollen toe that he wouldn't leave alone until he had "washed" all of the fur away between two toes. Treatment for that required a week of antibiotics, steroids and even a day in an e-collar to keep him from messing with it. All is better now, the swelling is gone, the fur is regrown and knock on wood, he won't need another emergency vet visit… ever! No more injuries, silly kitty!

Matt's birthday was yesterday and we'll get together soon for our traditional late celebration. A movie and gifts are in order. We saw the "Under the Skin" Scarlet Johansson movie a few days ago. Creepy! But so good.

Tonight Cro and I will catch up with the latest episode of Game of Thrones. I love that show (and the books) so much!

Our lawn mower is out for service so I hired our front lawn to be cut last week and plan to have someone do the back lawn this week if they can get in before it rains. It grows so quickly in the spring.

In freelance news I have been busy and don't expect it to slow down in the foreseeable future. I'm finally comfortable with not working for "The Man" and doing my own thing for multiple clients who I love working with.

In sad news, one of my former clients died unexpectedly (and way way way too young) a couple of weeks ago. This was a tragedy that hit close to home since he was the significant other of one of my own friends. I attended a memorial get-together last week which hopefully brought some comfort. While I was there at least 30 friends stopped in to share memories and give emotional support.

I haven't planned out my meals for the entire week but so far today I have had two slices of roasted turkey, two slices of swiss cheese and 10 roasted pecans.

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  1. Glad you are back. I am on a little blogging break myself until next week.


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