Wednesday, June 4, 2014

happy makes happy

I'm loving a program called The Little Couple. They are such a sweet family and always full of happiness. Watching happy people and happy children live without airing drama on television is refreshing. The only other reality tv program that I seem to like is Alaska, The Last Frontier. They have drama now and then but it's never between the people, it's always the people coming together to battle the elements. For me, drama is best saved for fiction. Game of Thrones, for example. The last episode gave me nightmares, but it was so good I watched it twice as I usually do (not in a row). Programs about competitions usually have drama but it gets old. I enjoy watching people pull together and have an honest competition of skills rather than backstabbing and trash talking each other.

Wednesday (total 8.9g carbs)
boiled egg (.6g carbs)
protein shake (water and two scoops of EAS chocolate whey protein powder - 7g carbs)
half of a boiled egg - the sugar gliders got the other half (.3g carbs)
peanuts (2g carbs)

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  1. No back-stabbing or trash talking? LOOK, IF YOU DON'T WANT ME TO COMMENT, JUST SAY SO!!!!!!!!!


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