Monday, June 9, 2014

oh Monday, here you are again

If Monday had feelings I'm sure they would have been toughened into stones by now. I greeted Monday with disdain nearly my entire life and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Rarely is there a Monday that I don't wake-up grumbling about… and those are usually the 3 or 4-day weekends when I wake up on the holiday Monday and pronounce it "second Sunday". Poor Monday.

I had a brilliant idea that I would try a 3-day fast in response to an article I read which said fasting for at least 3 days may cause the immune system to reboot. Hey, what could that hurt? I thought. But after a day of not eating (which wasn't a big deal at all to me) I developed a massive headache which made me rethink the fasting thing. Cro telling me that the headache could be from a shift in blood sugar or blood pressure was all I needed to give up the fast and brown some ground beef, onions and red beans with some hot spices. Funny how the headache was completely gone after I ate a bit. Was it all in my head and removed by the power of suggestion that it was from not eating? I don't know, it was a killer headache while it lasted.

I'm walking a little stronger (more sure of step) after only a week of super-low carb. :)

protein shake (water and two scoops of EAS chocolate whey protein powder - 7g carbs)
2 strawberries
a serving of ground beef, onions and red beans

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