Thursday, June 12, 2014


Loki slept peacefully on me (yeah, ON me) for half of the night and was a holy nightmare the other half of the night. So I've had a very peaceful half night of sleep and am a bit yawny this morning.

A big load of work is on its way any moment but for now I'm going to make a protein shake in my new Blender Bottle and check email.

Cro and I finally succumbed to all of the rav reviews and started watching Orange is the New Black. We will likely watch the season 1 finale tonight. Yay Netflix. It is a good series and we are both hooked. Matt mentioned that Crazy Eyes is his favorite character and I didn't get it until last episode. Now that I see there is more to her than super-peeing-on-the-floor-crazy I think she is going to become one of my favs too.

protein shake (choc protein shake with 2 squirts of cherry liquid water enhancer yum - 7g carbs)
beef, onions and mushrooms
1/4 cup peanuts


  1. I don't know. That series made prison look so bad that I don't want to go there anymore. ;)


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