Friday, June 6, 2014

Yay, Friday

Loki was a nightmare wanting to play and make disruptive crashing noises the whole night through. I put him in the kitty tent and had to get up at least 12 times to let him out (because no one can sleep with him going "RAAAAAA WAAAARRR RAAAAAR!!! LET ME OUT!!!") only to gather him up and redeposit him in the tent when he insisted on knocking things off of other things just to hear the crashes. Of course this morning he is out and so quiet that I am able to work without putting him in the tent. He must be sleepy after his night of disruptions… I know I am.

Maleficent with Matt was very good. So cute and a good kids movie, but we liked it too.

Friday (total 7.6g carbs)
protein shake (water and two scoops of EAS chocolate whey protein powder - 7g carbs)
3 asparagus spears
4 strawberries

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