Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I'm seriously giving thought (meaning I'm in research phase to learn) about transitioning into a paleo diet and then maybe doing a month or so of the auto-immune protocol. AIP is WAY restrictive from what I've learned so far (it doesn't even allow cayenne pepper, eggs, tons of stuff I eat on low carb), which is why I'm thinking to transition to paleo first so that I have that down and can go back to it after. Cro seemed moderately interested in paleo too, which is a plus. :)

Since I'm just now learning about it I expect my plan to evolve but it does seem like paleo may be a positive step in fighting my MS, especially the auto-immune protocol.

Here is a link for paleo that I want to read more of (it has lists of what is and is not allowed and why).

I've been using my recumbent bike every day and for now, still eating super-low carb.


  1. Be sure to check out both the Whal's Protocol

    Also Sarah's information is a compliment to Dr. Whal's and AIP's.

    Good luck and I'm glad you are considering a low inflammatory diet for MS.

  2. Thank you Karen. I have the Dr. Wahl book and am checking out many others as I try to learn. Right now I am strict low carb but think that eliminating some other things (such as dairy, peanuts, and I haven't discovered them all yet) might help with my MS.


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