Monday, July 21, 2014

for my sister

My sister recently found herself in the hospital due to a blood clot. She became weak and lightheaded at work which is what sent her to the hospital. They put her on blood thinners and she is home now but not before they asked her if she has to return, does she wish for them to resuscitate.

What? I guess that is a common question to ask but she isn't even close to old. Mom was with her when they asked and Laura looked at them and said she doesn't think mom is ready for her to be dead yet. Mom said of course I'm not! Yes, resuscitate.

Okay, so this has me dwelling on sad thoughts. I know I've mentioned my sister's mental disability before but she had a very difficult birth, was deprived of oxygen, and is borderline mentally retarded. She just doesn't "get it" when it comes to losing weight and avoiding carbs. But, despite being overweight, she can become more healthy simply through exercise, right?

Mom is at a loss and tired of harping at my sister regarding her weight (which only makes my sister angry). She doesn't listen. She doesn't care.

I'm suggesting that mom change focus to exercise. Laura has been proud of being strong in the past. Perhaps if she focuses on a goal of strength or distance walking that will be something positive that won't make her ashamed of another mention by mom regarding her being too fat and eating too much.

I suggested that mom make it about herself. She takes Laura to church and then to lunch every Sunday. She could tell tell Laura that she herself wants to get more walking in to be healthier and therefore parks at the furthest spot when they go to church and again when they go to lunch. Maybe even walk from the church to the lunch spot and then back to the car. That would be a very fun way to encourage her to walk (first the goal of getting to the restaurant and then the goal of getting back to the car).

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