Monday, August 11, 2014

AIP - day 1 of 30

Autoimmune paleo… I have decided to give this a go for 30 days (if I can… wish me luck). It is more than a little restrictive but the goal is to remove everything from my diet that could possibly cause inflammation. I keep repeating Cro's words and say "I can do anything for 30 days". I've also started taking Bosswellia which helps greatly.

I thought I had prepared enough to get started but of course was left not knowing what to have for breakfast (so I skipped it). Low-carb eating is SO ingrained into my mind so even though autoimmune paleo is super-restrictive I will feel like I'm cheating LC when I have a non-LC item. The goal of autoimmune paleo is not weight loss but I'm sure LC will always be on my mind and guiding my choices. Funny enough, mom decided to do this too (she has rheumatoid arthritis). She started last week and called to tell me she has lost 6 pounds though she didn't want to lose weight (and doesn't need to). She is someone who has never done LC so removing a significant amount of carbs from her diet produced a big weight loss.

I made a 2-liter of filtered water with the juice of one lime and plan to have that to drink along with plain filtered water. No artificial sweeteners for 30 days… not even stevia.

A batch of coconut curried cauliflower with kale was on the stovetop cooking this morning. I had a serving of this over a plain mashed sweet potato for lunch and felt a bit spoiled (I don't normally spend that much effort cooking for myself). There is plenty of the curry dish left over so I will likely have it a few times this week. Here is a link to the recipe and below is a pic of how mine turned out:

Not too bad even though I made it.
Matt and I saw Guardians of the Galaxy last week. It was the best movie I've seen in a long while.

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