Tuesday, August 12, 2014

AIP - day 2 of 30

Robin Williams died yesterday. It's tough browsing facebook today and seeing all of the remembrances. This man was loved and respected by a massive amount of people. I didn't even know him personally and my heart is hurting as though I lost a friend. Very sad. :(

Breakfast today is more coconut curried cauliflower with kale. I also mixed some grassfed beef and pork together with some AIP-legal spices. So nothing is spiced like I normally would want. I spiced the ground meats with oregano, basil, thyme, garlic powder, ginger and sea salt. It wasn't bad but not hot and spicy as I prefer.

I served the curry over mashed sweet potato and topped it with some of the meat mixture. I ate half of the serving shown for dinner last night and the other half for breakfast today. I have enough left in the fridge for meals for most of the week. I sort of want to make that spaghetti squash though.

This ended up being two meals. All autoimmune paleo.

In other news, I've already made as much freelance earnings so far this year as what I made in the entirety of last year (more, actually). I'm still not near what I was earning at the agency downtown but you know what… I also don't wake every morning praying that this won't be the day I get downsized. I don't have that stress anymore. I am free and it feels pretty darned good. I still work my butt off as needed and try not to stress during the slow periods between. If I lose one client it would hurt but it wouldn't crush me. All of my clients seem to love me though and I definitely love working with each of them.

Yay for freedom. I miss the guys I used to work with but I'm seeing lots more of Matt.

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