Wednesday, August 13, 2014

AIP - day 3 of 30

No food pic today but I had some of the cauliflower curry for breakfast. I made sweet potato tots yesterday with AIP ingredients but they turned out not so good. Imagine sweet potato flavored gum… yeah, not good. I probably blended them too much (it said to use a fork but I used a blender).

Super busy this week with an e-newsletter designed and going out for one client, a new website for another, website updates for a third and more website updates for a fourth.

I woke to find Loki had unplugged his kitty water fountain and moved it to the middle of the kitchen doorway. He is a little tinkerer and can't resist dismantling something if he can reach the parts. Cro said he was surprised the fountain wasn't turned over and water everywhere. There was a lot of water to mop up but the fountain wasn't overturned, just unplugged and scooted across the floor. I think I have the cord positioned out of reach of his little searching paws now (he crouched down and reached under a piece of furniture to get it last time). It was funny when he first saw the new arrangement this morning. He was visibly startled and a little afraid of boogey men as he tried to find the electrical cord. Haha

I am seeing the movie Lucy tomorrow evening with Matt.

Nothing to report regarding Autoimmune Paleo results yet. It's only been two days and I don't really know what to look for. Mainly I'm just hoping to improve my balance and make walking not so slow… for it to allow me to be more sure of foot. I use the recumbent bike 5 days per week but although I know it's good for my health, it doesn't seem to help with the balance thing.

I lied. Here is a food pic of the nasty sweet potato tots. I'm sure they where great when made by the creator of the recipe but cooking is not my forté. Here is a link to the original recipe if one of you wants to do it the justice it deserves.

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