Monday, August 18, 2014

AIP - day 8 of 30

Cro helped me to make bone broth yesterday. I'm very excited to use it in a few AIP recipes.

Today I haven't even thought about what I'll make. It's a very busy day with multiple projects waiting for my attention.

Loki ran downstairs before I could stop him this morning. He disappeared so I went ahead with my recumbent bike while keeping an eye out for him. Thankfully he did appear and I was able to tote him back upstairs and to safety. Cro has ordered several of the "bird-flavored" cans of CORE. He refused to eat the fish flavors (whitefish, salmon, tuna) but likes turkey, chicken and duck flavors.

I made this! And it is good. :)

Simple butternut squash soup (made with bone broth).

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