Tuesday, August 19, 2014

AIP - day 9 of 30

Breakfast this morning was a bowl of butternut squash soup with pancetta. Believe it or not, I've never before had pancetta. What did I think? Hmm, it didn't seem much different than thinly sliced bacon… I guess it's the same thing but cured differently? It overpowered the squash, was very salty, and seemed a bit frou-frou (unnecessarily fancy). I liked it but only bought it because I'm doing this AIP thing.

Cro bought Loki a selection of canned CORE that included venison. He likes venison even though it isn't a bird. Maybe it's because venison is deer meat. Reindeer are deer. Santa's reindeer can fly and so can most birds. So he likes to eat things that can fly! Maybe we should look for canned dragon next time too. Not Komodo dragons… the mythical kind with wings.

Enough silly talk. I have work to do. ;)

Alice in Chains are in town tonight. I'm not going to see the show but it's still cool that Indy is on their tour.

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