Wednesday, September 10, 2014

AIP - day 31 of 30

I haven't really made anything new (too busy) but the leftovers are nice. Spaghetti squash and ground beef sauteed in coconut oil. I don't really miss the tomato sauce but some nice hot peppers would be wonderful. Hey, I'm beyond day 30 so can add spicy peppers back in for the coming week!


  1. Speaking of spicy peppers, HEY, HAVE YOU MISSED ME?

  2. I HAVE missed you, Jack. So happy that you posted so I know it wasn't me it was you… or maybe it was me and wasn't you… or… umm… and with that I have to quote Popeye… "I yam what I yam"… hmm, I should make something with those yams soon. :) Congrats on your recent loss. (Seems like we can only say that to weight loss people. It just would be odd to congratulate people on their recent loss otherwise.)


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